Janome Sewist 500 REVIEW

Janome sewist 500 is a product for those designers that love to sew. The sewist 500 makes it easy and fun to sew, and the price is affordable. This versatile machine gives you 25 stretch and utility stitches to use as your own creative flare to any given project. This machine also offers a convertible free arm and a one-step buttonhole stitch for clothes or accessories.

The most practical of features like extra storage and the top-loading bobbin, which is see-thru, will make your creations effortless. The sewist 500 will give you hours of enjoyment in creating your one of a kind artwork whether it is a designer shirt or a quilt sewn on the machine.

The Janome Sewist 500 is a powerful and precise machine that will give you the power you need plus the precision you require. This is a perfect machine for your crafting design from home décor to arts and crafts. The sewist 500 is a well built system that can handle any design including thick leather. This machine offers great stitching patterns and is reasonably priced for a Janome machine. It has unmistakable and satisfactory reviews and is very simple to use.

The Janome product line is known for their industrial and retail sewing mahines that are high-end. Since their popularity has risen Janome has created several lines of products that can be used in everyday creation of sewing, home décor, and home products. The sewist 500 is Janome’s top model.

The choice of purchasing a Janome sewing machine does involves making a number or stress-free decisions that are important in determining which machine has the amount of stitches you will use the most. The built-in-stitches are the sources of patters that are pre-programmed for your sewing expertise. The Janome sewist 500 will sew every stitch with no intervention or assistance.

The one flaw with this Janome machine is the fact that you cannot add more stitches to the machine. It does not have the ability to add a card reader and does not have a USB port to allow more downloads for more stitches. However, the stitch width can be adjusted to 5mm and the stitch length to 4mm. These new options give you more design for the stitches to look different but would be just exaggerations of the already known patterns. Thus the idea of changing the width and length are ideas to add to the creation of your own design pattern. The ability to change the width and length will also provide you with more flexibility with working with the different types of fabric.

This particular designed sewing machine of the Janome line has a great selection of over edge and stretch stitches. This helps with those strong seams that finish off edges of fabric that would likely ravel. This is also for garment construction. Besides, being the greatest for making clothes, the strong stitches can be used for other home accessory projects that use a variety of thicknesses and designs of fabric.

Here are a list of pros for the Janome sewist 500 sewing machine.

Here are two consumer reviews for the Janome sewist 500 sewing machine.

“My husband bought me this machine for an early Mothers Day gift. I am really new to sewing and so far am in love with my Janome!! It was so easy to learn to wind the bobbin and thread the machine, going by just the manual. I havent sewn a thing since 8th grade home ec and after 2 days of practicing Ive already hemmed some things and fixed a few seams in my husbands boxer shorts” from a consumer at Amazon.com

“My new Janome Sewist 500 is so easy to use!!! I am using it to do simple sewing projects and it has served me very well. It is very lightweight to carry. The size fits nicely on my table. Its a joy to have a sewing machine that practically threads the needle itself. “ from a consumer at Sewingmachinesplus.com

If you would like a sewing machine that gives you quality at a good price than the Janome sewist 500 is just that pick of a machine. It gives you choices that only you would think about with your designs. The sewist 500 is flexible with all your needs and is at the right price. Each idea is different and the Janome system is willing to create your designs with just a few simple clicks of the knobs and dials.

The choice is pretty simple, especially knowing that creation is just a heartbeat away from the machine of your dreams. Creation is everything when designing a project for the home. With the sewist 500 you can have your creations done in record time and still have the ability to create more with a bit of flare.

If after doing your research and you still want the Janome sewing machine, than I suggest taking t a trip to your local department store with the machine in stock, or searching the internet for a dealer that sells the product and who is reliable enough to fix the product if it breaks down during warranty. This product is just a trip away or just a click away.

You can buy it on Amazon, or at your local dealer.