Should You Invest in an Expensive Sewing Machine as You’re Starting Out with Sewing?

For the entry level seamstress, a big question in the beginning is if she/he should pay the extra buck for a more expensive sewing machine or should simply use a beginner’s machine instead. This may not be a question only for the beginner seamstress, but also for the more experienced one who’s sitting on a fence about he/should step up his/her game or not.

Do you know any expensive models anyway?

Jenome Skyline S5

Let’s take, for instance, the Janome Skyline S5 that you may try at some of your friends or in a shop. It’s quite a special sewing machine that separates on many levels from a budget one, but you need to scroll down for the details.

When you’re using a Brother sewing machine, you may find it ok for most of your sewing jobs. You may even create a nice variety of garments with it, so why spend your money on a pricier model?

The more you’re using a more expensive model (the Skyline is a very good example of that), the easier for you to realize that you’ve been sewing a lot less with your budget machine.

At glance, the most important difference between the two types of sewing machines comes from the pricier machines are a lot more customizable. Additionally, their level of automaticity is way higher too.

What does an expensive model have to offer?

We all know that sewing is rather repetitive and very detailed focused, so it’s only natural that you like a lot any machine that isn’t just automated, but also helps you get better results in the end too. Buttonholes are quite a dreadful job and you need to do it manually if you have a budget sewing machine.

The pricey Janome though comes with a fully automatic buttonhole plate that turns buttonholes into an easy peasy job. You don’t need to do any measurements and you simply place your button in the plate and let the machine take it from there.

The number of automatic functions is impressive and it’s impossible not to appreciate the auto locking stitches at the end of every seam (no more backstitching for you!), the automatically pulling of threads to the backside of the fabric and their clipping to. In the end, sewing becomes way easier and …a lot more fun.

More benefits from the pricier sewing machines

When you’re sewing, you know that you’re going to work on a great variety of fabrics and what works for cotton may be awful for knit fabric. The same way of hemming a gathered skit isn’t the best option when you’re sewing a circle skirt so the list of setting you constantly need to change gets even longer.

If you’re using a highly customizable sewing machine, you don’t need to get frustrated anymore (not because of that, anyway). You don’t want to sew some knits on a low-priced sewing machine, but you can definitely put the Skyline S5 to work. The machine comes with an impressive list of functions that puts your frustration on hold. You may lower the pressure on the foot or. You may use the feed foot to help the machine feed easier. The stretch stitch is long lasting and even looks like a straight stitch, stretching way nicer.

The number of functions that you may customize is high and you may set the stitch length, stitch width, tension, feed dogs up or down, the pressure. You may also sew with a knee bar and not with a presser foot, if that’s your liking. The machine gives you hundreds of stitches to choose from, using the digital controls.

How easy is it to use an expensive model?

One may think that a highly customizable sewing machine like this is very difficult to understand. By contrary, the Skyline S5 is quite user friendly and that’s also because its instruction manual is very easy to follow. You’re not going to need a learning curve and you’re going to be able get the best out of it sooner than expected.

The quilting part

The sewing machine also comes with a quilting guide bar to use when you’re making quilting parallel lines. It features automatic stippling and clasp stitches and different settings so that the free motion stitching is a lot easier.

If you’re going for a hand quilting look for your work, you can use some of the special stitches of the machine.

The conclusion

Is it worth to spend the extra buck on a sewing machine? If you’re not positively sure that sewing is your thing, a more basic sewing machine (Brother has plenty to offer), is a great option for you, for less than $200.

On the other hand, if you find sewing fun and you really spend most of your time doing it, you shouldn’t hesitate and get a pricier model like the Janome Skyline S5. If you’re sewing or regular basics, you’re going to find it less frustrating and way easier to finish your sewing jobs.

Bottom line, getting a more expensive sewing machine is great. As long as you’re actually using it as much as you can.